Methadone and sperm production

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General laboratory assessment of reproduction and infertility includes hormone evaluation hCG, prolactin, TSH, free thyroxin, FSH, LH and androgens among others and treatment is via various assisted reproductive technologies. Short term use which is less than 2 years, in lower doses below mgs a day can certainly allow for the possiblilty of a rare spontaneous pregnancy, but if the person has been using going over 2 years, I guarantee the methadone is effecting the male users fertility. This evaluation starts with history taking and physical examination to evaluate for medical causes of infertility. In rodents, paracetamol has negative impacts on seminiferous tubule histology and fertility. Sperm motility is a metric of gamete functionality, and serves as a suitable parameter for in vitro drug-induced toxicity assays. This chapter reviews pertinent history questions and physical exam points for the infertile male. I would like for him to get off of it as well! Do you want to read the rest of this article? The next category of drugs most likely to have effects on spermatogenesis was the antineoplastic agents.


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